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Grow Your Plants Bigger and Greener

CleanPak Products manufactures and sells an organic agricultural surfactant that will make your crops and gardens grow bigger and healthier for less!

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  • Locally Owned and Operated

    CleanPak Products is based in Tampa, Florida and is perfectly placed to ship anywhere in the United States!

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  • Our Distributors and You

    Our store sells the same products that our distributors all around the world buy from us. If you decide you like a product but the price or shipping time isn't what you like, just contact us via email at sales@cleanpakproducts.com so we can help you find a local distributor better able to fill your needs!

  • Industrial-Grade Products is Our Specialty

    CleanPak Products offers a selection of the same cleaning products we sell to our distributors at retail prices so you can use what the pros use!

    Our products are highly concentrated so you get more uses out of each gallon you buy with the same quality of product we sell to our distributors.

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