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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products commercial grade?

Yes, CleanPak Products offers highly concentrated, commercial grade products for the best performance and to reduce the wasted bottles, caps, and boxes sent to the landfill. Please see the product's spec sheet and/or product page for instructions on proper dilution rates for any given application.

How long does it take an order to ship once placed?

We usually have your order processed and shipped after two days. See our shipping policy for more information and to estimate how quickly your order may arrive!

Can I get a discount on a large order?

Certainly. Please contact our sales team at sales@cleanpakproducts.com and we will see how we can help.

Do you offer any Ready to Use products?

While the majority of our products are highly concentrated to avoid having our customers pay to ship water, we do offer a small range of Ready to Use (RTU) products.

What's your Return Policy?

We allow returns and refunds for damaged products and products sent in error. For more details, view our full Return & Refund Policy.

What quantities/sizes do you sell?

We typically sell our products in gallon bottles (in cases of four or individually) and quart bottles (in cases of four or twelve or individually). We may offer a small selection of products in quantities of 2.5 gallons, five gallon pails, or eight ounce bottles.