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E4Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant with NanoGreen Technology

E4Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant with NanoGreen Technology

One gallon of diluted product mix uses less than 15 cents of product!

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Product Safety Data Sheet

  • Combines the characteristics of both E3Expander and Agri-Nano for a next generation agricultural surfactant that will replace your fertilizers
  • Phosphorus free!
  • Mixes with your herbicides, pesticides and fungicides to reduce runoff and callbacks due to irrigation & rain
  • Increase the overall health of your plants
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Product Details

Precautionary Statements

None Apply

How to Use

E4Expander™ is a polymer type concentrate, which when placed into solution with water and mixed with appropriate agricultural chemicals enhances wetting, adhesion and facilitates redistribution with ambient moisture, thereby increasing protection during plant growth. Provides protection against phytotoxicity and aids as a drift retardant. Some thermal protection may also be provided at higher concentrations. E4Expander™ should be applied with the first and all subsequent sprays. E4Expander™ aids in fruit, foliar and systemic applications. The use of E4Expander™ allows longer durations between chemical applications, resulting in less total chemical usage.

After thoroughly mixing E4Expander™ with water, at the appropriate dilution ratio, add chemicals while continuing agitation to allow proper dispersion of ingredients in the diluted E4Expander™ matrix. Most Agriculture spray equipment with either in tank mixing or tank to pump re-circulation will suffice. Regardless of method of application, thorough wetting of all surfaces must be accomplished for best results. E4Expander™ may be used with most agricultural products unless individual labels of the products specifically prohibit polymers. Evaluation of chemical compatibility including consistency is the sole responsibility of the user.

Always read and follow all directions.
1. Make sure tank is cleaned and completely flushed.
2. Fill tank to 1⁄2 of the total amount of water.
3. Begin agitation/re-circulation.
4. Add E4Expander™ slowly while adding remaining water required.
5. Agitate/recirculate until E4Expander™ is completely dissolved.
6. E4Expander™ in water will appear nearly clear.
7. Add desired chemicals per their directions, while continuing vigorous agitation.
8. Spray at the manufacturers lowest recommended rate.
9. Do not breathe spray mist.

Physical Properties

E4Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant with NanoGreen Technology is a clear liquid with a pH range of 6.0 - 7.0 and has complete solubility in water.