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E3Expander™- Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant

E3Expander™- Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant

Surfactant for Vector Control, Structural Pest Control, & Agricultural Use!

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Product Safety Data Sheet

  • Next generation adjuvant that replaces old fashioned surfactant sprays and wetting agents
  • Makes other chemicals such as pesticides & fungicides more effective
  • Greatly reduces runoff & callbacks caused by rain and irrigation
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Product Details

Precautionary Statements

None Apply

How to Use

Always read and follow all directions.
1. Make sure tank is cleaned and completely flushed.
2. Fill tank to 1⁄2 of the total amount of water.
3. Begin agitation/recirculation.
4. Add E3Expander™ slowly while adding remaining water required.
5. Agitate/recirculate until E3Expander™ is completely dissolved.
6. E3Expander™ in water will appear nearly clear.
7. Add desired chemicals per their directions, while continuing vigorous agitation.
8. Spray at the manufacturers lowest recommended rate.
9. Do not breathe spray mist.

Physical Properties

E3Expander™- Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant is a clear liquid with a pH range of 7.0 and has complete solubility in water.