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React! II

React! II

Odor Eliminator

Fragrance: Fresh and Clean

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Product Safety Data Sheet

Product Spec Sheet

  • Immediate odor elimination to make the space smell fresh and clean
  • Lasting enzyme action to break down the organic waste that causes odors and bad smells.
  • Instantly eliminates odors in theaters, restaurants, hotel/motel rooms, and individual homes.
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Product Details

Precautionary Statements

None Apply

How to Use

As a surface spray:
Using a trigger sprayer, apply full-strength to carpet, upholstery and surfaces where odors collect.
In a carpet Extraction Machine:
Mix one to one with water and clean carpets as directed.
In Kitchens:
Use 4-5 ounces of product daily by pouring directly into sink or floor drain. Allow the product to sit overnight before flushing drains.

Physical Properties

React! II is a milky white liquid with a pH range of 7.5 and has complete solubility in water.